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Live from Aarhus – Day One of the EAPIL Founding Conference

The EAPIL blog will report about the Association’s founding conference in Aarhus by a dedicated post at the end of each conference day. Please follow us on Twitter (@eapilorg) and LinkedIn for updates as the conference unfolds. Check out our new Instagram account, too!

The founding conference of the European Association of Private International Law has started! More than ninety members have attended in person today’s session. Some others are on their way to Aarhus and will be taking part in the conference in the coming days. A warm welcome to all from the editors of the blog!

In his keynote speech, Peter-Arnt Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School) focused on the different institutional models whereby cooperation aimed at the harmonisation of private international law has taken place in Europe since the 1968 Brussels Convention, discussing the particular features and the implications of each model.

Andreas Stein (Head of Unit, European Commission) has offered a “Report from Brussels”. His overview covered measures that are currently being negotiated by the EU institutions (such as the accession by the EU to the Hague Judgments Convention), as well as proposals that are either in preparation or have just been presented (such as the proposal on the recent proposal for a directive on SLAPPs) and proposals which are scheduled for consideration at a later stage (such as the contemplated review of the Brussels I bis and Rome II Regulations).

Maciej Szpunar (Advocate General, Court of Justice of the European Union), has provided a “Report from Luxembourg”. Having regard to the case law of the Court of Justice, he discussed the relevance of fundamental rights, notably as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, to private international law in Europe.

A lively discussion followed the presentations.


Kermit Roosevelt III (chair), Peter Arnt Nielsen and Andreas Stein

Maciej Szpunar (online)

A view of the auditorium


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