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Shuai Guo on Recognition of Foreign Bank Resolution Actions

Shuai Guo (China University of Political Science and Law of Beijing) authored a book titled Recognition of Foreign Bank Resolution Actions, published by Edward Elgar. The book is part of the series of Elgar monographs in private international law.

This timely book offers a comprehensive study of the mechanism that gives effect to foreign bank resolution actions. In particular, it focuses on how the legal framework for the recognition of foreign bank resolution actions should be structured and proposes detailed legal principles on which effective frameworks should be based.

Shuai Guo conducts both normative and positive law analysis to investigate the status quo of available legal instruments that are used to recognise foreign resolution actions within three representative jurisdictions: the European Union, the United States and mainland China. Building on the traditional legal doctrines of private international law, financial law and insolvency law, this book proposes ten principles that should be applied to foreign bank resolution actions, offering innovative ideas for further research and study. Additionally, it fills the gap in scholarly research on the issue of cross-border bank resolution and formulates rules that would facilitate effective resolution actions across borders to achieve a global orderly resolution for banks.

Recognition of Foreign Bank Resolution Actions will be key reading for researchers and students in the fields of private international law, finance and banking law. The technical legal issues addressed throughout the book will also appeal to insolvency and banking lawyers, as well as policy makers within the field.

The table of contents can be accessed here.

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