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EAPIL Will Miss You, Peter

Prof. Dr. Peter Mankowski : Rechtswissenschaft : Universität HamburgThe European Association of Private International Law learnt with great sadness the passing of Peter Mankowski. The editors of the EAPIL Blog are most grateful to Ulrich Magnus for contributing the in memoriam published earlier today.

While none of us knew Peter Mankowski as well as Ulrich Magnus, some of the Editors of this blog were on personal terms with him, while others were involved in projects he led and had planned. Peter Mankowski was a great scholar. Not only did he write a staggering amount of publications, but he was also an avid reader of everything published on private international law. in addition, he provided very useful feedback and encouraging comments to other authors.

The Editors of the Blog greatly appreciated his willingness to participate in the online symposia that they organised, often on a (very) short notice, on important decisions of the CJEU with scholars from other European jurisdictions. Peter was always enthusiastic about these online symposia.

One of the last in which he participated was about the CJEU decision in Hrvatske Šume at the start of 2022. He kicked off our online symposium on the case with a lucid analysis, perhaps one of the last works of his busy life.

Reading it again lets us remember why we loved Peter: His text is full of ideas, provides ample references, and testifies of his broad view of international law.

Brussels Ibis Regulation - Commentary : Magnus, Ulrich, Mankowski, Peter, Calvo Caravaca, Alfonso-Luis, Carrascosa González, Javier, Cuniberti, Gilles, Esplugues Mota, Carlos, Fentiman, Richard G., Francq, Stéphanie, Heiss, Helmut, Kramer, Xandra, Rocha deIn retrospect, it was only logical that Peter Mankowski would be interested in sharing and debating with other European scholars.

He and Ulrich Magnus were instrumental in the development of a transeuropean dialogue on private international law. We are of course referring to the groundbreaking series of European commentaries on private international law. Magnus and Mankowski were the first to gather teams of European scholars to offer systematic commentaries of the most important European regulations on private international law.

Establishing a truly pan-European forum to discuss issues of private international law is the main goal of the European Association of Private International Law. Peter Mankowski (and Ulrich Magnus) were precursors in this respect. They blazed the trail on which we walk.

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