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Children’s Right to Information in EU Civil Actions

Ilaria Queirolo (University of Genova), Salvatore Patti (University of Rome La Sapienza), Carlos Esplugues Mota (University of Valencia), Boriana Musseva (Sofia University), Dana Rone (Turiba University, Riga), Laura Carpaneto (University of Genova) and Francesca Maoli (University of Genova) have edited Children’s Right to Information in EU Civil Actions, published by the Italian publisher Pacini.

The volume collects the results of the EU co-funded Project Minor’s Right to Information in EU civil actions – Improving children’s right to information in cross-border civil cases – MiRI, European Union Justice Programme 2014-2020, JUST-JCOO-AG-2018-831608. It critically addresses the fundamental right of the child to receive information during the course of civil proceedings affecting him or her, with particular reference to the peculiarities characterizing cross-border proceedings in family matters. In this context, the right to information is coinceived not only as a corollary of the right of the child to be heard during the course of the proceedings, but also in the light of the possible developments as an autonomous procedural right. The volume rationalizes the main criticalities emerging from the current practice in several EU Member States and offers a set of Guidelines, aimed at improving the situation of children involved in cross-border family proceedings, in order to enhance and protect their fundamental rights.

The contributors include Roberta Bendinelli, Leontine Bruijnen, Laura Carpaneto, Carlos Esplugues Mota, Samuel Fulli-Lemaire, Maria González Marimón, Sara Lembrechts, Francesca Maoli, Boriana Musseva, Vasil Pandov, Francesco Pesce, Ilaria Queirolo, Pablo Quinzá Redondo, Geraldo Rocha Ribeiro, Dana Rone, Tine Van Hof, Daja Wenke.

The book is fully accessible here.

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