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Nishioka and Nishitani on Japanese Private International Law

Kazuaki Nishioka (visiting Research Fellow at the Law Faculty of the University of Zurich) and Yuko Nishitani (Professor of International Private and Business Law at Kyoto University Graduate School of Law) published a new book on Japanese Private International Law with Hart Publishing series – Studies in Private International Law – Asia.

The volume seeks to be a leading reference on Japanese private international law in English. The chapters systematically cover all the areas of Japanese private international law: commercial matters, family law, succession, cross-border insolvency, intellectual property, competition (antitrust), and environmental disputes.

The analysis does not look only into the traditional conflict of law areas of jurisdiction, applicable law (choice of law), and enforcement, but addresses also the conflict of law questions arising in arbitration and assesses Japanese involvement in the global harmonisation of private international law.

In addition to summarising relevant principles and scholarly views, the authors discuss case law whenever possible, identify deficiencies and anticipate difficulties in the existing law.

The book presents the Japanese conflict of laws through a combination of common and civil law analytical techniques and perspectives, providing readers worldwide with a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the subject.

A table of contents is available here and an extract here.

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