The PAX Moot is a specialised moot court competition dedicated to students interested in Transnational Law and Private International Law issues. This year the Pax Moot Round is named after the Alegría Borrás Rodríguez (1943-2020).

The Borrás Round of the competition will require participants to deal with the complexities and nuances of how international conventions and European regulations interact with each other in the context of globalisation as well as situations such as Brexit where certain prior available instruments stop producing their effects. The case is grounded in the present challenging global events – the effects of COVID-19 virus on businesses and individuals, Brexit and environmental actions to reach carbon neutrality. The series of events to discuss involve the application of the Singapore Convention on Mediation and the European Order for Payment procedure.

The competition opens for the registration of the teams on 22 November 2022 and comprises a written and an oral round. The students participating in the PAX Moot will be required to address matters of jurisdiction, service of documents, settlement agreement and recognition of judgment in England.

More information about the competition and its timetable are available here. The rules of the competition are available here.

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