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Fifth Edition of the Commentary Schlosser/Hess Europäisches Zivilprozessrecht

The new edition of the Commentary on EU-Zivilprozessrecht: EuZPR authored by Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Schlosser, Emeritus at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and Professor Dr. Dres. h.c. Burkhard Hess, founding Director at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, has just been released.

The revised and extended version of the commentary assesses and explains the ever-increasing importance of the coordination of cross-border civil proceedings in the European Area of Civil Justice. In an easy to handle style and with a specific look to the needs of legal practice, the commentary elucidates the entire acquis of the European procedural law in civil and commercial matters. The eminent authors comment the Brussels Ibis Regulation (being the core instrument of judicial cooperation in the Union), the EU-Regulations of the European Order for Payment, of the European Enforcement Order, the Small Claims Regulation and the Regulation establishing a European Account Preservation Order Procedure. The EU-Regulations on the Service of Documents and on the Taking of Evidence are equally commented. With regard to the latter, the commentary already provides valuable guidance on the forthcoming recasts of the upcoming regulations (applicable in 2022).

Extensive references to case law, especially of the European Court of Justice, but also of national courts and the legal literature are the building blocks of the Commentary. The authors equally focus on current challenges such as the ramifications arising from Brexit and the relations to other third states. Overall, this commentary is a must be for legal practitioners and for academics working in this field.

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