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Build Tomorrow: ILA to Celebrate 150th Birthday

The International Law Association will celebrate its 150th anniversary all along the year 2023 through a series of webinars and, hopefully, an event organised by the French branch of the ILA in Paris on 18 – 20 June 2023.

In order to prepare the scientific content of these events, a vast organization of working groups has already been launched, on the five continents, under the coordination of the Foresight Council, in order to feed back the ideas that will be developed during the webinars and during the June event. These working groups are primarily aimed at the younger generation (PhD students, PhDs, young professionals in all branches of international law). Companies, essential actors of the international society, will be full partners, as well as NGOs and public actors.

A series of thematic White Papers will be prepared on 24 themes, including Cities, Civil Status, Cultural Heritage, Dispute Resolution, Migration, Intellectual Property or Oceans, to name only a few.

Regular updates concerning the evolution of the work of the Working Groups and the preparation of the celebration will be given by a Newsletter. The first issue is available here.

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