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EAPIL Establishes Working Group on International Property Law

The Scientific Committee of the European Association of Private International Law has approved the establishment of a Working Group on a future European Regulation on International Property Law.


The aims of the Working Group will be to exchange information on current legislation and case law in the field of international property law, with a focus on (but not limited to) the EU Member States and to draw up proposals for law reform and codification of international property law both on the level of the EU and on national/international levels.


The Working Group is chaired by Eva-Maria Kieninger.

It is composed of the following members: Janeen Carruthers (University of Glasgow), Gilles Cuniberti (University of Luxemburg), Morten Fogt (University of Aarhus), Teemu Juutilainen (University of Turku), Eva-Maria Kieninger (University of Wuerzburg), Teun Struycken (University of Utrecht), Jonathan Schenk (University of Antwerpen), Afonso Patrão (University of Coimbra), and Juliana Rodríguez Rodrigo (Madrid)

The Working Group is still considering applications for membership, especially from Eastern European Member States.

Consultative Committee

The Working Group will include a limited number of Members. Other Members interested in following its progress may join the Consultative Committee of the Working Group.

The Working Group wil report and seek comments from the Consultative Committee at least once a year.

Members intersted in joining the Consultative Committee may contact its chair, Gilles Cuniberti (

First Meeting

The Working Group will hold its first meeting in Wuerzburg in November 2021.

Further Information

Further information on the project can be found on the Working Group’s webpage and sought from its chair, Eva-Maria Kienienger (

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