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French Book on Jurisdiction Clauses

Malik Laazouzi (Paris II University) is the editor of a new book on choice of court agreements (Les clauses attributives de compétences internationales : de la prévisibilité au désordre).

The book is the publication of the proceedings of a conference held on 21 November 2019 in Paris.

The speakers and contributors included Marie-Élodie Ancel, Sylvain Bollée, Sandrine Clavel, Samuel Fulli-Lemaire, Jeremy Heymann, Fabienne Jault, Caroline Kleiner, François Mailhé, Renato Nazzini, Cyril Nourissat, Ludovic Pailler, David Sindres, Édouard Treppoz.

More detail on the topics addressed by each of the speakers can be found here.

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