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Brussels I bis Regulation and Special Rules

Laura Carpaneto, Stefano Dominelli and Chiara Enrica Tuo (all University of Genova) have edited Brussels I bis Regulation and Special Rules – Opportunities to Enhance Judicial Cooperation. The book, which has just been published by Aracne, may be accessed for free here in its entirety.

Contributors include, in addition to the editors themselves, Jean-Sylvestre Bergé, Pierangelo Celle, Silvana Çinari, Chirouette Elmasry, Rosario Espinosa Calabuig, Paula-Carmel Ettori, Giulio Cesare Giorgini, Aida Gugi Bushati, Flutura Kola Tafaj, Rosa Lapiedra Alcami, Guillermo Palao Moreno, Francesco Pesce, Ilaria Queirolo, Isabel Reig Fabado and Jessica Sanchez.

The blurb reads as follows.

The volume collects the results of the EU co-funded Project Enhancing Enforcement under Brussels Ia – EN2BRIa, European Union Justice Programme 2014-2020, JUST-JCOO-AG-2018 JUST 831598. It critically and thoroughly addresses art. 67 Brussels I bis Regulation, which determines the relationships between the Regulation and other EU law instruments governing jurisdiction or the free movement of decisions. Also tackling “indirect” relevant relationships between international civil procedure and material law, the Volume rationalizes the main criticalities examined, and offers Principles, Recommendations and Guidelines to increase capacity of practitioners to address such issues, to improve awareness of stakeholders, and to support uniform application of EU law.

For further information see here.