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Call for Panels: Transformative Effects of Covid-19 on Law and Globalisation

The University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Open University, Maastricht University and Tilburg University are organising a conference on Transformative effects of covid-19 on globalisation and law, to be held online on 16 and 17 September 2021.

The conference is organised within the research project named Transformative Effects of Globalisation in Law (TEGL) funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education as part of the multi-year Sectorplan Social Sciences research initiative. The event is envisaged as a series of panels, organized bottom-up and discussing specific angles and questions related to COVID-19 effects and globalisation of law. 

As no area of life remains unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic – from travelling to doing groceries and from grieving to global politics, there are signs that some of the effects of this period are more transient, while others are here to stay: the pandemic will have had transformative effects in a number of domains. What about law?

Within the research theme Transformative effects of Globalisation in Law, the organisers want to look at the possible transformative effects of the pandemic through three main lenses: boundaries and international cooperation, transformative effects on markets and transformation of institutions. The conference will close with a roundtable reflecting on the implications of the ongoing transformations – (how) can law help in reconstructing “better”, in light of the further crises we are all facing?

As possible themes to be explored, think of the following: Coordination and multi-level pandemic governanceVaccines, TRIPs exceptions and IP cautionEvidence-based law and policy in the pandemicWill free movement ever be the same again?Covid-19 and global tradeLove and care at the time of Covid: reproductive labourThe contestation of expertise and/orIndependent agencies and regulatory institutions – a new role for central banks and competition authorities?Covid-19 and courts: how to test government intervention in the midst of a global emergency?;Covid-19 and the Anthropocene.

The organisers invite scholars from within and outside the Transformative effects of globalisation in law theme to convene a panel on one of these themes or a related theme investigating by preference the transformative effects of the pandemic on the legal configuration of international cooperation and boundaries, institutions and markets.

Interested scholars must provide an abstract for their panel, including a tentative list of speakers, by 1 April.

More information about the call can be found here.

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