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Grochowski and Południak-Gierz on EU PIL in Internet Related Disputes in Poland

Mateusz Grochowski (European University Institute) and Katarzyna Południak-Gierz (Jagiellonian University) have posted EU Private International Law in Internet-Related Disputes: The Polish Case Law Approach on SSRN.

The abstract reads:

The paper examines the way Polish courts apply EU private international law (EU PIL) rules in the disputes concerning online context. The analysis seeks, in particular, to better understand the patterns recurring in the judicial reasoning and to map the typical circumstances of internet-related disputes pled before Polish courts. The paper attempts to cluster the existing case law and to trace the use made of EU PIL and CJEU decisions by Polish judges. It also aims to identify how the courts perceive specificity of internet-related disputes from the perspective of conflict of laws and how they understand specific goals of EU PIL (especially consumer protection). The text delves also into the cases where – despite encountering transnational elements – courts did not address conflict of laws issues. It attempts to indicate the most common instances of such omission and hence, to elucidate further the possible barriers to full application of EU PIL.