Developments in PIL Public consultations

Modernising Judicial Cooperation between EU Countries

The European Commission is carrying out a public consultation on the modernisation of judicial cooperation via digital technology (Modernising judicial cooperation between EU countries – use of digital technology). The consultation is opened until 5 February 2021 and will be taken into account for a proposal for an initiative by the European Commission. This will be followed by a public consultation later this year.

The initiative for which the European Commission is gathering input aims to make judicial cooperation in cross-border cases throughout the EU more efficient and more resilient to crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently going through.

The project for the regulation seeks to make it mandatory for the authorities involved in judicial cooperation each Member State to use digital technology for communicating documents and information, instead of paper, as it is usually the case at the moment. In taking this initiative, the European Commission looks to improve access to justice by ensuring that individuals, businesses and legal practitioners involved in cross-border civil, commercial or criminal cases can communicate digitally with the competent authorities in the other Member States.

Additional information on European Commission’s vision and objectives for the coming period can be found in the communication published on 2 December 2020 – Communication on digitalisation of justice in the EU – A toolbox of opportunities.

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