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Most Popular Posts in 2020

As president of EAPIL and an editor of the blog, and on behalf of all the officers of the association and the editors of the EAPIL blog, I would like to wish to the members of the association and the readers of the blog the best for year 2021.

In 2020, the blog has published 325 posts. In case you missed some of them, here are the 15 most popular ones:

  1. Corona Virus and Applicable Law
  2. COVID-19 and the Right to Respect for Family Life under Article 8 ECHR
  3. UK Applies for Accession to Lugano Convention
  4. Paris Court Issues Anti Anti Suit Injunction
  5. New Courts for International Commercial Disputes in Germany
  6. The Impact of Corona Virus on the Management of Judicial Proceedings in Italy
  7. Law and Global Value Chains at the Time of Covid-19: A Systemic Approach Beyond Contracts and Tort
  8. French Supreme Court Accepts First Degree Renvoi in Parenthood Matters
  9. Wikingerhof: A View from Oxford
  10. Another Preliminary Reference on the Succession Regulation Involving (and Referred by) a Polish Notary
  11. CJEU Significantly Weakens Jurisdiction Clauses in Case Assignment
  12. Anti-Anti-Suit Injunctions by German Courts – What Goes Around, Comes Around
  13. On ‘Habitual Residence’ under the EU Regulations on Family Matters: Once and for All?
  14. Human Rights in Global Supply Chains: Do We Need to Amend the Rome II Regulation?