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Fourth Issue of 2020’s Journal du Droit International

The fourth issue of the Journal du droit international for 2020 includes only one article on a topic of private international law.

It is authored by Jean-Charles Jaïs, Claudia Cavicchioli and Anne de Mazières (Linklaters Paris) and discusses the important topic of the law governing the confidentiality of international correspondence between attorneys and in-house counsels (La confidentialité des correspondances internationales des avocats et juristes en entreprise – la question du droit applicable).

The English abstract reads:

The rules applicable to the confidentiality of correspondence of lawyers and in-house counsel vary significantly from one country to the other. A French judge seized of an international dispute will thus have to confront these varying rules and determine which, amongst the competing norms, should be applied to the confidentiality of the correspondence at issue. The present article looks at the method which the seized judge should implement to determine the applicable law, and offers a reflexion on potential connecting factors. The solutions proposed differ according to whether one looks at correspondence exchanged between lawyers, between a lawyer and his/her client, or between an in-house counsel and his/her “internal client”.

The issue also includes several case notes of cases which address private international law questions. The full table of contents can be found here.