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Greek Commentary on the Brussels I bis Regulation

A new commentary on the Brussels I bis Regulation, in Greek, has recently been published.

The book is edited by Paris S. Arvanitakis and Evangelos Vassilakakis, and forms part of a series devoted to the ‘Interpretation of European Regulations on Private and Procedural International Law’. The previous volumes in the series cover the Brussels II bis Regulation (2016), the Service Regulation (2018), and the Small Claims Regulation (2019) Regulations. Commentaries on the Succession and Maintenance Regulations are scheduled for publication in the near future.

Academics, judges and other practitioners contributed to the commentary to the Brussels I bis Regulation, including Eyangelos Vasilakakis, Paris S. ArvanitakisApostolos M. AnthimosPanagiotis S. GiannopoulosIoannis S. DelikostopoulosStefania Kapaktsi, Vasileios Kourtis, Dimitrios Kranis, Salomi MouzouraKyriakos OikonomouIoannis Revolidis, Konstantinos Ir. RigasChristos TriantafyllidisAntonios D. TsavdaridisSofia Fourlari and Christina Chatzidandi.

More info available here (in Greek).

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