Case law Developments in PIL

July at the Court of Justice of the European Union

Before the judicial holiday, several decisions will be delivered regarding EU instruments on private international law.

The decision of the 1st Chamber (Bonichot, Safjan, Bay Larsen, Toader, Jääskinen) in C-343/19, Verein für Konsumenteninformation, regarding Article 7.2 of the Brussels I bis Regulation, is due on 9 July 2020. M. Safjan is the reporting judge; AG Campos’s Opinion was published on 4 April.

One week later the 1st Chamber will read the judgments in C-73/19, Movic e.a., C-80/19, E.E., and C-249/19, JE. C. Toader acts as reporting judge in C-73/19, on the meaning of “civil and commercial matters” in the Brussels I bis Regulation; see here AG Szpunar’s Opinion, of 23 April 2020. Judge Toader is the reporting judge as well in C-80/19, which addresses several aspects of the Succession Regulation; the Opinion by AG Campos, of 26 March 2020, has not yet been fully translated into English (here the French version; the original is in Spanish). C-249/19 benefited from AG Tanchev’s Opinion, also of 26 March 2020; the Court was asked to rule on the Rome III Regulation on the law applicable to divorce. R. Silva de Lapuerta is the reporting judge.

The same day, the judgment in C-253/19 (9th Chamber: Rodin, Jürimäe, Piçarra, with Jürimäe as reporting judge) will be delivered, addressing the COMI under the new Insolvency Regulation. AG Szpunar’s Opinion was published on 30 April 2020.

The Court’s activity resumes on 1 September 2020. Next date for a PIL judgment is September 3 (C-186/19, Supreme Site Services e.a.; see the Opinion by AG Oe here).

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