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Aguilar Vieira and Cerqueira on the CISG in the Americas

e-livre-la-convention-de-vienne-en-ameriqueIacyr de Aguilar Vieira and Gustavo Cerqueira have edited a volume on the CISG in the Americas (La Convention de Vienne en Amerique).

From the foreword of the book:

On the occasion of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods’ 40th anniversary, its success can be evidenced by its influence in America. In fact, 19 out of the 93 member-States are found in this vast continent.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Latin American section of the Société de législation comparée sought to present the Convention’s current state of application in different American countries, as well as to measure its influence on domestic sales laws.

As court decisions and scholarly writing multiply with the ratification of the Convention by American States, this presentation seeks to offer a better understanding of how the Convention is being applied and, through that, support the efforts for its uniform application. A comparative approach concludes the book. This initiative seeks not only to oppose the attempts that can be found in domestic cases to interpreting the Convention differently, but also, and on a more positive note, to promote the Convention as a model for the regulation of sales in America and Europe.

Concerning the more specifics private international law issues, the numerous analyses related to the applicability of the Convention and to the subsidiary application of national law offer very interesting insights into the conflict of laws systems of Contracting States in this part of the world. On this point, the contributions of G. Argerich (Argentina), F. Pignatta (Brazil), D. Rojas Tamoyo (Colombia), M. Paris Cruz (Costa Rica), R. A. Williams Cruz (Honduras), E. Hernández-Bretón and C. Madrid Martinez (Venezuela) will be particularly instructive.

Thus, this book is the perfect occasion to compare the Vienna Convention’s implementation in American States and to benefit from the view of American scholars on this universal instrument for the uniformization of sales of goods.

It is meant both for scholars and lawyers in the field of international commerce.

The table of contents can be downloaded here. More details are available here.