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The Sense of Economic Freedoms of Movement

Jean-Sylvestre Bergé and Giulio Cesare Giorgini have edited Le sens des libertés économiques de circulation – The sense of economic freedoms of movement, published by Bruylant.

At a time in which economic freedoms of movement (economic law, free trade, international trade and European freedoms of movement) are increasingly being challenged, it is crucial to explore in depth the capacity of disciplines (law, human and social sciences, hard sciences) to question the sense of these freedoms. Different forms of knowledge thus question the conception that their constructions and analyses relate to these freedoms. What directions are being taken? What are the objectives pursued? Are there any gaps between the initial ambitions and the achievements that can be observed today? Bringing together experienced researchers and young researchers in an intergenerational dialogue, this book is original and multidisciplinary, international and comparative in nature. It places the contemporary dynamics of economic law and flow phenomena in a perspective that allows their comprehension through studies organised around clearly identified issues.

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