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European Private International Law and Member State Treaties with Third States

Anatol Dutta and Wolfgang Wurmnest edited a book on European Private International Law and its ramifications with treaties signed by EU-Member States with third countries. The publication focuses on inheritance matters, i.e. Regulation (EU) No 650/2012 on matters of succession.

The national reports prepared feature Austria, Belgium, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy from the EU. Reports from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, Iran, Switzerland and Turkey, cover some non-EU jurisdictions. The third and last part of the publication features articles from the editors: Prof. Dutta approaches the issue from the perspective of the European Union, whereas Prof. Wurmnest offers a Comparative Report and Policy Perspectives.

The compilation of treaties listed in the Annex, presented in English translation, is undoubtedly giving added value to the book.

The work done by editors and authors, and the future plans of the endeavor, namely to cover wider aspects of European Private International Law, deserves our gratitude for providing us with very interesting material in the field.

More information on the publication is available here.

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