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Child Protection and Private International Law

María Asunción Cebrián Salvat and Isabel Lorente Martínez (both from the University of Murcia) have edited a collection of essays in Spanish titled Protección de menores y Derecho internacional privado (Child Protection and Private International Law), published by Comares.

The abstract, kindly provided by the editors, reads as follows.

More and more frequently, families live a highly international life. Children move with their parents, travel and live in different States. Consequently, there has been an exponential growth of international legal disputes in which minors are involved. Legal operators shall be prepared to provide legal solutions to the private international law challenges of these cases and thus, to satisfy the best interest of the child in the specific case. This work brings together a collection of essays dealing with the hot spot areas of private international law in which minors play the major role. Some of these studies address the latest developments of institutions like the protection of unaccompanied minors, adoption, child abduction, rights of custody and rights of access, kafala, surrogacy, online contracts, sports, child workers, fatherhood recognition, family reagrupation… Others deal with the principles underlying the protection of minors in private international law (the “habitual residence of the child” connection, the need of urgent procedures, State cooperation…). Topics are addressed from an European and Spanish Private International Law perspective and written by a renowned team of private international law scholars and practitioners.

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