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Research Handbook on the Brussels I bis Regulation

Peter Mankowski is the editor of a Research Handbook on the Brussels Ibis Regulation, just published by Edward Elgar.

Here’s the blurb.

The Brussels Ibis Regulation is the magna carta for jurisdiction and the free circulation of judgments in civil and commercial matters in the EU, and forms a cornerstone of the internal market. This timely Research Handbook addresses the cutting edges of the regime, in particular its place within the overall system of EU law and its adaptations in response to specific kinds of lawsuits or the needs of particular industries.

Featuring original research by leading academics from across Europe, chapters take a systematic approach to examining a broad variety of topics in relation to the Brussels Ibis Regulation. Such topics include collective redress, injunctive relief, lis pendens and third states, negotiorum gestio, arbitration, intellectual property lawsuits, and its interface with the European Insolvency Regulation (Recast). Moving beyond what is offered by textbooks and commentaries, this incisive Research Handbook analyses the most recent developments in legislation and practice, as well as providing an outlook on the future of this field of EU law.

This Research Handbook will prove a critical read for scholars and students of EU law. Judges and practitioners working in this area will also find its insights to be of significant practical relevance.

Contributors include Tomas Arons, Sylvain Bollée, Tim Dornis, Etienne Farnoux, Thomas Garber, Christian Heinze, Antonio Leandro, Leander D. Loacker, Peter Mankowski, Fabrizio Marongiu Buonaiuti, Johan Meeusen, Dario Moura Vicente, Guillaume Payan, Aukje van Hoek, Cara Warmuth and Matteo Winkler.

For more information see here and here.

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