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Pretelli on Provisional Measures under the Brussels II Ter Regulation

SSRNIlaria Pretelli (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law) has posted Provisional Measures in Family Law and the Brussels II Ter Regulation on SSRN.

Provisional and Protective Measures in family matters need special consideration because they are not limited to economic matters and significantly interfere with the self-determination of persons and often of vulnerable persons, namely children. This circumstance explains the exceptional regime of the Brussels II ter Regulation as compared to the general regime of the Brussels I and Lugano systems. The article also deals with the problem of the law applicable to provisional measures, in the absence of a specific European rule on this matter. We argue that, whenever a provisional or protective measure is taken by the judge who will not rule on the substance of the matter and especially in cases where the measure is provisional and anticipates the merits, judges should avoid the application of the law of their forum and apply the law applicable to the substance to the provisional measure they are required to issue.

The paper is forthcoming in the Yearbook of Private International Law.

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