Developments in PIL Journals Scholarship

New Issue of the Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales

The 38th issue of the open access journal Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales was released in December 2019.

It includes four articles, in Spanish (but with a summary in English), on matters of private international law.

María Ángeles Sánchez Jiménez wrote on multiple nationality and party autonomy concerning the law governing divorce; Javier Maseda Rodríguez addressed the issues raised by parallel judgments in matrimonial matters; José Ignacio Paredes Pérez provided a reading of Savigny’s choice-of-law theory from the perspective of recognition of acquired rights; Carmen Azcárraga Monzonís wrote on intermediation and accredited bodies in international adoptions.

The issue also provides comments by Francisco Garcimartín Álferez, Aurelio López-Tarruella, Salomé Adroher Biosca and Juan Josè Álvarez Rubio on recent developments in the field of private international law, including the adoption of the 2019 Hague Judgments Convention.

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