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ELI Project on Recognition of Foreign Filiations and Its First Webinar

European Law Institute (ELI) has recently launched a new project devoted to the proposal of the EU Regulation on the Recognition of Foreign Filiations.

The ELI Project Team wants to scrutinise the rules of the proposal  from four specific perspectives: children’s, LGBTI persons’ and women’s fundamental rights, and the underlying EU primary law, especially concerning the free movement of citizens.

The works within the project will be conducted under the accelerated procedure, with the aim of having results by February 2024. Based on its analysis, the Project Team wants to develop a Position Paper, in which provisions of the proposal will be scrutinized and alternative formulations proposed. Additionally, the Position Paper will be supplemented with explanations and comments. Model Rules in the form of desirable amendments to the proposal will also be drafted.

The ELI Project Team consists of Claire Fenton-Glynn, Cristina Gonzalez Beilfuss, Fabienne Jault-Seseke, Martina Melcher, Sharon Shakargy, Patrick Wautelet, Laima Vaige with Susanne Gössl and Ilaria Pretelli acting as Reporters.

On 2 October 2023 the Kick-Off Webinar of the Project was held. Here is a summary of discussions and a recording of the whole meeting.

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