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Applicable Law Issues in International Arbitration

A new anthology titled Applicable Law Issues in International Arbitration has been published in the Hague Academy of International Law’s Centre of Resarch Series.

The book is the result of research undertaken by scholars accepted to the Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations in 2021.

Giuditta Cordero-Moss and Diego P. Fernández Arroyo were the directors of the research centre.  The two directors have also edited the anthology which includes a selection of 16 works stemming from that research session (authored by Apollin Koagne Zouapet, Ana Coimbra Trigo, Didier Bationo, Wendinkonté Sylvie Zongo, Ali Kairouani, Nicola Strain, Andrea Mackielo, Alexandre Senegacnik, Ludovica Chiussi Curzi, Giulia Vallar, Marco Buzzoni, Yağmur Hortoğlu, Paola Patarroyo, Erik Sinander, Federico Cabona, and Lito Dokopoulou), as well as two chapters written by the specially invited guests Franco Ferrari and Luca Radicati di Brozolo.

In the introduction, the editors reflect on the research results and conclude that “determining the applicable law in arbitration is a manifold task that needs to balance involved interests, which are not necessarily always consistent with each other”.

The table of contents of the anthology can be read here.

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