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A Treatise on Private International Law by Calvo Caravaca and Carrascosa González

Alfonso Luis Calvo Caravaca (University Carlos III, Madrid) and Javier Carrascosa González (University of Murcia) are the author of a treatise on private international law, in Spanish, titled Tratado de Derecho Internacional Privado.

The three-volume work, published by Tirant lo Blanch, aims to provide an updated, systematic and comprehensive account of the discipline.

Private international law is presented through the analysis of legal rules, case law and scholarly writings, with more than 7.500 references to judicial decisions. The book provides an in-depth insight into European and Spanish private international law in force both for practitioners and students. It illustrates private international law in an accessible way by showing its rules ‘in motion’, i.e., as they actually work.

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