EAPIL (Virtual) Seminar Series

The EAPIL (Virtual) Seminar Series was approved by the Scientific Committee in October 2020. It is meant to further the study and development of (European) Private International Law through English-language seminars on topical issues – outside the bi-annual EAPIL conferences. At the same time, the EAPIL (Virutal) Seminar Seminars shall serve as a means for EAPIL members to connect with other EAPIL members and with non-members.


The Seminar Series features two to three speakers who will present their views on the topic in short impulse statements followed by a discussion (90-120 minutes max in total). Invited speakers will represent the diversity of Europe in order to foster a trans-European dialogue on Private International Law.

The Seminars take place at least two times per year and are held via Zoom or a comparable platform. The Seminar Series is open for non-members. This means that non-members may be invited to present their ideas and that non-members may participate. They may also be invited (or apply) to organize individual seminars.

Past seminars

Brexit and Private International Law – What Now?

The first EAPIL (Virtual) Seminar took place on 11 December 2020. It was devoted to the impact of Brexit on Private International Law. The speakers – Alexander Layton (Twenty Essex Street Chambers, London), Eva Lein (University of Lausanne), Michiel Poesen (KU Leuven), Andrew Moylan (Court of Appeal of England and Wales), Pietro Franzina (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan) and Anatol Dutta (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich) – analyzed the legal framework applicable to cross-border cases as of 1 January 2021, when the transition period provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement expired, and discussed what the future relationship between the EU and the UK could and should look like. Special emphasis was placed on the question of whether the EU and the UK should strive to adopt a new – bespoke – bilateral agreement (or whether it should simply join existing international conventions). Use the following links to read the initial statements made at the seminar by Alexander Layton, Pietro Franzina and Michiel Poesen.

Responsible members

The activity is currently organized by the Secretary General, Giesela Rühl. The choice of the topics and the speakers is made by an Organisation Committee that currently consists of Gilles Cuniberti, Pietro Franzina, Morten Fogt and Apostolos Anthimos.

All EAPIL members are invited to make proposals for topics and to take over the organisation of individual seminars (“special issues”).

Please, write for this to Giesela Rühl at secretary.general@eapil.org.