EAPIL activities

The European Association of Private International Law is a forum to further the study and development of (European) private international law. It aims (a) to connect (European) scholars and practitioners; (b) to work towards a pan-European discourse across languages and national borders, and (c) to build bridges to the private international law communities of non-EU Member States as well as non-European countries. To pursue these aims the Associations undertakes a number of activities which are not conclusively defined in terms of content or format.

Current activities

The Association currently pursues its aims through the EAPIL Conferences and the EAPIL Working Groups. In addition, it entertains the EAPIL Blog and the EAPIL Young EU Private International Law Research Network.

EAPIL Conferences

The EAPIL Conferences are intended to bring the Association’s members together at least every two years to provide an opportunity for exchange, discussion and networking. The first EAPIL conference will take place from 2 to 4 June 2022 at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. It will deal with current challenges and problems of private international law.

EAPIL Working Groups

The EAPIL Working Groups meet independently of the EAPIL Conferences and deal with selected questions and problems of (European) private international law over a period of time. They are intended to provide impulses for the further development of the relevant regulations and in particular to support the work of the European lawmakers. The reflections carried out by Working Groups translate into instruments (such as position papers or legislative drafts), which are then submitted for adoption by the competent organs of the Association.

EAPIL Position Papers

The Association contributes through position papers prepared by EAPIL members, and endorsed by the Scientific Council, to public consultations regarding matters within the scope of the Association, and, more generally, to debates on issues of private international law as may involve academics, practitioners or lawmakers.  

EAPIL (Virtual) Seminar Series

The EAPIL (Virtual) Seminar Series furthers the study and development of (European) Private International Law through English-language seminars on topical issues – outside the bi-annual EAPIL conferences. At the same time, the EAPIL (Virtual) Seminar Seminars serves as a means for EAPIL members to connect with other EAPIL members and with non-members.

The EAPIL blog

The EAPIL Blog provides information about the Association’s activities and reports on current developments in (European) private international law, namely court decisions, scholarly publications and academic events. It also provides a permanent forum for the exchange of information on issues of (European) private international law.

The EAPIL Young Research Network

The EAPIL Young Research Network offers young academics, especially doctoral and post-doctoral candidates the opportunity for exchange and networking. It organises biannual conferences and invites eligible members to participate.

Prospective activities

All activities to be undertaken under the auspices of the Association are established by a vote of the Scientific Council. Members wishing to propose new activities, in particular the establishment of new Working Groups, are encouraged to submit proposals in accordance with the EAPIL Resolution on Activities of the Association.

The EAPIL Board will assess on a case-by-case basis whether and to what extent financial support can be provided by the Association to the proposed activities.