EAPIL activities

The Association encourages its members to undertake activities related to European private international law. 

The aim of the Association is to connect European scholars and practitioners, and to work towards a pan-European discourse about European Private International Law.

In particular, the Associations aims to (a) engage in, or endorse, research projects and scientific events and promote the dissemination of their outcome; (b) foster the exchange of information and experiences between the members of the Association and the dialogue between academia, legal practice and the public at large; (c) cooperate, as an independent body, with national, European and international legislative bodies concerning the elaboration or revision of texts in the field of private international law; (d) edit a scientific journal and publish reports and studies.

The following activities are currently being developed or contemplated.

Conferences and other events

The Association will organise or sponsor scientific events of all format on topics related to private international law. The EAPIL founding conference will take place in Aarhus on 27, 28 and 29 May 2021.


The Association has set up a blog which aims to report on developments relating to the private international law of the European Union and European States.

Reports and position papers

The Association will sponsor the establishment of expert groups or committees aimed at preparing position papers of various kinds (reports, resolutions, draft legislation etc.) on issue of private international law. More information on the current projects will soon be available here.

Young scholars forum

The Association is contemplating establishing a forum where young scholars of private international law will be able to meet and exchange on their work and developments on private international law. 

All activities undertaken under the auspices of the Association will have to be accepted by the Scientific Committee.